If your university has sent you a personal access-link you can directly click on the link and start with the survey. If you have got a personal access-key you should go to the menu-item Answer Survey and type in the access-key.

The survey is three pages long. You will be asked for the workload in each module and the number of hours you are working per week. You can move forward and backward in the survey and make corrections if necessary. You may even use your key to reenter, if you have left the survey before finishing it.

After clicking the button Finish the survey is closed for you and you will get access to the results with the same link or key used before. You can see the same results as your university. The results are not made public. Everybody needs a key to look into the results. The survey is completely anonymous. Email-addresses of students are not saved in our database.

For setting up a survey you need to register and login. It is very easy to set up a workload-survey within minutes with our tool. Login and go to the menu-item My Survey -> Create Survey. There are 5 steps to set up a survey and invite the students to participate.

  • In the first step you provide the name of the study-program and paste a list of all modules into a text area. Additionally you provide the number of hours per creditpoint and the number weeks with lectures per semester, which is used to calculate the workload later.
  • On the next page you provide the number of credit points for each module.
  • In step three you create the scale for the workload in the modules. You are free to choose 5 or 7 categories.
  • In step four you decide how the students should get informed. Individual access-links or access-keys can be created and sent by your self to each student individually or you may use our service to send an individual access-link to a list of email-addresses. We will not save the addresses - just send the mails. Additionally you are asked for a contact address, which will be included in the invitation-emails and into the survey - just for the case that someone would like to ask questions about your survey.
  • Finally you get a list with the individual access-links / access-keys or - when the mails are to be send by us - provide a list with all mail-addresses.

To answer a survey you don't need to be registerd. For setting up a survey you need to register. For registration choose a unique username, which can be a nickname. We do not ask for your real name but we ask for your email-address to activate the account. This is just in case to trace back unlawful use of the service.

The password of your account will be saved encrypted. When you lost your password, we will send you a new one by email (Password forgotten).

Please provide the name of your university. It will be used in the headline of your survey.

After accepting the terms of use (Terms) and pressing the submit-button you will receive an email with an activation link. Press on this link in your email program and your account will be ready to use. You can now log in.

If you cross "Keep me logged in" on the login-page we set a cookie in your browser that remembers the encrypted password and will log you in next time automatically. You may log out anytime and the cookie will be deleted.

For registered users only: Go to the menu item My Survey -> List my Surveys. In the List you have access to all your Surveys.

With Preview you can see how the survey looks like for the students (don't worry, your input is not considered for the data analysis).

With Modify you can make changes in the survey.

With Keys you can create additional individual links / keys or send additional mails with individual links.

With Results you can look into the results of all your surveys.

Go to the menu-item Results and type in your individual key, or you may use the same link, you have used to answer the survey. You are automatically directed to the results, once you have finished the survey. Registered users can additionally navigate through List my surveys to the results of their own surveys.

There are four pages with statistical analysis of the results. The first page shows for each compulsory module the percentage of answers in each category and the mean value as colored circle on a scale.

The second page shows the workload per week for lecture periods, exam periods and lecture-free periods. As standard is displayed the median together the interquartile distance (IQR). The IQR is the central range that contains 50% of all answers (interval from 25% to 75% percentile). It is the range displayed as box in a box-plot. Alternatively you may switch to average and standard deviation using the buttons at the bottom of the page. You may additionally filter the answers by a certain semester.

Beside the workload invested for the study program is shown the workload for jobs or internships of the students. And finally the sum of the hours invested in the study program and into jobs etc. This sum is calculated for each student individually before calculating the median and IQR.

The third page shows for each elective module the percentage of answers in each category and the mean value as colored circle on a scale.

The fourth page shows finally all comments together with a note in which semester the student is, who gave the answer. This note is skipped when the student did not provide this information.

For registered users only: To modify one of your own surveys you should go to the page List my surveys and press the button Modify in the list of surveys. You will be directed automatically to step 2 of the creation process, where you can modify all your input on this and the following pages. At the end you can create additional access-keys or links if needed.

A new survey is created, however, when you startover with step 1 of the creation process.

For registered users only: To create additional access-keys or links you should go to the page List my surveys and press the button Keys in the list of surveys. You will be directed automatically to step 4 of the creation process, where you can choose if you need keys or links or if you would like to have sent the links automatically by Student-Workload.

It is no problem to create more keys / links than neccessary. You should, however, avoid to send students more than one key, since they could fill out the survey more than once.

Students who identify a comment that contains unlawful contents, defamation, infringement of personal rights or something like this, may contact the administrator of the survey. The corresponding email address is provided at the bottom of the result-page with the comments.

For registered users only: For all surveys you have created you are the only person, who can delete comments. Therefore you might be contacted by students or others with the request to delete a certain comment. Please decide if this is justified and in case delete the comment. For this propose go to the result-page with the comments and you will find links with "delete" and "undelete" for each comment. These links are visible only, if logged in as the user who has created the survey.

For registered users only: To provide maximal possible transparency you can have a look into the account data we have saved about you. Go to the menu-item My Account to see the data. The password is encrypted and can not be reconstructed from our database.

Privacy is very important to us. At Student-Workload nothing becomes public. We ask for as few data about you as possible. Data we have saved are necessary to handle everything safely and to protect the platform against misuse. Surveys can be answered only by students who have got an individual key. Results of surveys are visible only to the participants of the survey and to the user who has set up the survey. Surveys can be set up only with registration including email verification. All data are located in highly secure data centers in Europe with daily backup. German data protection law applies. For full information see Privacy.